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Things to do

From the Temple of the Tooth Relic to the Kandy Lake, and ancient temples, the city of Kandy offers you plenty of excitement. Escape into the gentle embrace of nature as you journey to the Hill Capital.

    • Kandy Lake


      Distance 2.6 km, 12 mins walking distance

    • Temple of tooth relic


      Distance 2.9 km, 36 mins walking distance

    • Udawatte Forest Reserve


      Distance 4.1 km, 57 mins walking distance

    • Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden

      Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden

      Distance 6.6 km , 1hr 6mins walking distance

    •  Hanthana Tea Plantation


      Distance 7.3 km, 1 h 51 min walking distance

    • Lankatilaka Temple


      Distance 17.3 km, 41 min  distance

    • Serene Kandy

      Serene Kandy

    • Serene Kandy - The Kandy Lake

      The Kandy Lake

      Known as the “Kiri Muhuda” (Sea of Milk), the Kandy Lake would touch the heart of nature lovers, as it serenely sits at the heart of the city. While walking around the lake, you can spot the fish who have made the lake their home.

    • Serene Kandy - The Temple of the Tooth Relic

      The Temple Of The Tooth Relic

      The striking sight of the Dalada Maligawa or the Temple of the Tooth Relic across the Kandy Lake is awe-inspiring. In August, the “Esala Perahera” is a colourful cultural pageant held in reverence of the Tooth Relic.

    • Serene Kandy - Udawatte Forest Reserve

      Udawattekale Forest Reserve

      Formerly a royal forest safeguarded by the Sri Lankan kings, the Udawattakele Forest Reserve can be seen as it spreads over the landscape beyond the Temple of the Tooth Relic.

    • Serene Kandy - Botanical Garden

      Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden

      Visitors to the Peradeniya Botanical Garden can immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature. Spanning almost 150 acres, it is historically said to be a garden maintained for the royal family of Sri Lanka.

    • Serene Kandy - Hanthana Tea Plantation

      Hanthana Tea Plantation

      The trails that wind through the Hanthana Tea Plantation will give a chance to speak with the pluckers and to learn more about the art of plucking tea.

    • Serene Kandy - Lankathilaka


      Perched atop the Pahangala Rock, Lankatilaka Temple is a gleaming white structure built in the 14th century. Within the premises, visited can read the biggest stone sculpture written in Sinhala and Tamil in Sri Lanka.

    • Serene Kandy - Ambuluwawa


      The Ambuluwawa mountain is a distinctive landmark in Gampola,a small town situated close to Kandy. Along the ascend, discover the twin ponds, a ‘Stone Park’ and a garden, home to religious diversity. At its peak, an extraordinary spiraling white ‘stupa’ overlooks the panoramic landscape.

    • Serene Kandy - Kandy Viewpoint

      Kandy Viewpoint

      Take a leisurely walk to the Kandy viewpoint, located just five minutes away from the hotel. The vantage views of the Kandy Lake and the city leaves visitors captivated each time they gaze over the enchanting landscape. As day turns into night, the view of the city becomes even more mesmerizing.